Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Automatic Reply To Your Facebook & Twitter Messages

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Planning to go for a holiday on this Christmas or New Year but  on the same time, don't want to leave your clients/friends upset by not replying to their messages on Facebook or Twitter? No Deal! Relax and plan your holidays relaxing!
    Read ahead to know how...

A tool named   "Relaxed" will do your work of sending greetings in return to        your received messages. Relaxed connects with your social     networking sites, stores your customised message in its database and sends it as reply to all your received messages if you yourself don't reply to them within a time period of 4 minutes.

 Steps to Follow:

  • Connect to your desired social media websites.  
  • In the next step, modify the default text with your message.                                              Note: You can also set the dates during which you want this tool to work.
  • Great! You are all set. All users contacting you in the chosen time period will receive your message. Cheers! :)
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