Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Facebook Ready To Acquire India's Little Eye

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Earlier this month, Facebook had announced a might-be-possible deal with a Bangalore based company Little Eye Labs. Recent insights report that Facebook is all set to acquire Little Eye Labs in $10-$15 million and the deal is likely to be signed in mid-Jan of 2014.

Bangalore-based Little Eye Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. builds mobile app analysis tools for app developers and testers. These tools provide detailed insights about the behavior of the app, enabling easy benchmarking and optimization of resources. Named as Little Eye, this tool allows developers to easily analyze, measure and optimize the key performance attributes of the app, such as battery, network data and memory consumption.

 "Little Eye provides not only the data around these attributes, but also tonnes of context around the same so that developers can easily make sense of the data. This tool also provides automated insights based on its run-time pattern." , spoke Rangarajan, co-founder,

Little Eye Software Labs. Facebook acquired Parse,a cloud company that hosts backend services for app developers, in April '13. Little Eye Labs will be the next, the team shifting to Facebook Headquarters in US soon after the deal, to join the social networking giant's mobile engineering team.
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