Thursday, December 26, 2013

Update Chrome To Beta Version For New Features

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Taking into consideration that almost 54% internet users worldwide use Google Chrome, I assume that you belong to the majority. Chrome has been the most advanced, fast and popular browser around the globe. Google keeps on updating chrome, stuffing new features, wrapping up with unique designs and introducing other attractive features. You can use the new features of chrome before they are released officially, by updating your Chrome browser with Chrome Beta browser.

Google Developers  launch the new features beforehand in Google Chrome Beta version for testing purposes. There are numerous features which can be accessed only with Chrome Beta. Though, all new features roll out faster for Chromebook users, others can enjoy them by Chrome Beta browser.

Stay Up to Date: You'll always get the latest speed and feature updates. The Beta version will update by itself (if an update is available) when you start the browser.

Download Google Chrome Beta:-

  • Firstly, you might want to check if you are running the beta version already or not? This might occur when you do not download Chrome from Google's official link. Go to dropdown menu at the top right corner in Chrome and choose ‘About Google Chrome’. As you can see below, this is the latest standard version.
  • Download Google Chrome Beta from Google's Official Link .                                                       After installing Beta version, your standard version will be removed.You can check your version again in the same manner.

       Why not Beta: You might be thinking if Beta version provides more features, why doesn't everyone use it?Note that Beta versions are not the final products but are undergoing testing and trials to optimize new features, fixing security holes and bugs and experimenting on new configurations. So,while beta software allows you to test new features & experience upcoming developments, yet it is expected to have bugs, security issues and might not be well functional across different platforms. So if you are not keen to test with risks involved, do NOT download the beta version.

But then it is great to see the new features and  send feedback to improve them,isn't it? :)
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