Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New Redefined Look of Alexa

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Alexa - Actionable Analytics for the Web

World's most popular site ranking website Alexa Internet has been re-tuned and re-furnished in a more simpler yet advanced design to serve the viewers with better looks, layouts and listings. The new site is currently under beta, but site visitors can choose to have the new look as the default layout. 

Alexa Internet is the worldwide-considered organisation to analyze, summarize and publicize the traffic-stats and ranking data of each and every website on the world wide web. If you don't know it yet, Find out How To Know Any Website's Ranking

An subsidiary company of , Alexa has been producing statistical data for websites from 1996. It also had its web search engine which was discontinued in 2008 and from then onward, Alexa Internet Inc. is splendidly focused on rendering the best accurate and rectified figures for websites all over the planet.  Site owners input Javascript code on their website that sends all traffic data to Alexa, allowing Alexa to display their page views, traffic sources and other data.

Alexa - Actionable Analytics for the Web

The website went a major renovation in 2009 bringing new widgets, tools and data fields. The new modification brings out a new appealing and more-interactive layout with a better display of various statistics. The new website features the new logo of Alexa Internet and an open introduction of the company and its services for the visitors. 

 Another transformation is seen to be in the tagline of the organisation, from "Alexa - The Web Information Company" to "Alexa - Actionable Analytics for the Web".

Alexa Gets A New Display

The all new Alexa Internet website can be visited at .
 If you are a member, you are asked to keep it as the default layout or switch to the original one until the new look is officially made default. 

Give the new look a try and share your feedback with us by commenting below. 
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