Wednesday, March 05, 2014

What to expect from HTC One's successor!

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HTC M8 aka HTC One Two Images Leaked
After long wait its time for htc to reveal HTC one's successor.
Rumors say it will be HTC M8 or HTC One Two or HTC Two .
HTC has already made its unique place in market with its amazing HTC one in 2013 .
Feeling the heat of the competition from Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 6 company has decided to launch One's successor on 25th March in Company's event in New York .

HTC M8 aka HTC One Two Images LeakedThe Flagship SmartPhone is Expected to have better enhanced features and
abilities as compared to HTC M7.we here are going to tell you about all possible specs and features of it.

  • Body - it is rumored that it has a metallic body.
  • Screen- it will have a 5.2' inches which may support 2k reso and of course 1920 pixel display.
  • Shape - it is expected to be slimmer than HTC one .
  • OS and Sense - it will run Android 4.4.2 and Company's HTC sense 6.0.
  • ONE's successor may feature a Snapdragon 800 processor.
  • Expected to have a small fingerprint sensor on board same as ONE's big brother ONE Max.
  • it may have 3 GB Ram which is enough for it to be super smooth interface runner.
  • It is leaked to have 2 Back Camera Sensors for more better pics.
  • it will have a improved Ultrapixel Camera.
  • Company decided to have on Screen buttons which means more room for display.
  • Will get recent app button again which Company removed in HTC ONE.
  • It will have dual front speakers with Boom Sound.
  • May be water Proof.

Here is the link to a leaked video of it :- 
Some Leaked Photos :-
HTC M8 Gold Image Leaked

Back-view Of HTC One's Successor (HTC M8)
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