Sunday, March 30, 2014

Save Your Google Data Offline [16 Google Services Included]

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Export All Google Data In Offline Mode

Are you an active user of Google services like Gmail, Picasa or Blogger? Ever thought of storing ALL YOUR GOOGLE DATA Offline as archive without using third-party softwares? Google itself has blessed all of us to takeout and keep all our data in offline mode for further access and safety. It's globally available for free and includes sixteen google services as of now. 

Google initiated its Takeout service first in 2011. Adding more and more Google-products and giving it an all new look, a major update was done in December 2013. As of now, data from 16 google services can be stored in zip format. You can manually choose which services to create an archive of. The services included are:-

Bookmarks, Contacts, Hangouts, +1s, Messenger, Location, Mail, Drive, G+ Circles, G+ Pages, YouTube, Calender, Profile, G+ Stream, Blogger & Google Photos

The Offline archive includes :- 
  • Uploaded Videos on YouTube
  • Uploaded Pictures on Picasa
  • All Posts of Blogger
  • Gmail Data
  • Posts, +1s, Circles and Pages on Google+
  • Calender Appointments and Tasks
  • Google Contacts [vCard format]
  • All of the Google Drive data
  • Google Profile
  • Location History   and lots more...
Google Takeout : Create A Custom Archive Of All Google Data

To get your Google archive, Visit Google Takeout!
Further Information : Google Takeout FAQs!

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