Thursday, March 06, 2014

HTC's UltraPixel Camera Explained!

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HTC with it's UltraPixel technology seems to end the megapixel war. SmartPhone have rapidly become the primary camera for millions of's is becoming almost a part of life.
Ultrapixel camera was first featured in company current flagship phone HTC ONE . In One it was only 4 U.P. but soon it catch up with great shooter in market like iphone 5 ,5s .
Company Claims that with their new camera technology Smartphone will be able to shoot quickly vivid pic,true-to-life images , wide range of colors even in low light.

First we focus on what it is:-
Company focused on increasing the quality not the megapixels.the did so by engineering a more advanced CMOS Sensor ,ISP,and optical lens System that captures more light than 8 or 13 megapixel ones.
there is a misconception among us that higher the megapixel count , the better the camera is .but megapixel is just a point in making a quality pic.Sensor ,Lens and Processor are major factors that make a quality pic.

About new Sensor:-
As SmartPhone came companies tried to just cramp out more and more pixel on sensor which consequently reduced the size of pixel.This makes the camera not to work according to its specs means it is not able to shoot that sharp images it should take.that's because the smaller the pixel the less the light 
falling on every pixel on sensor which in turn leads to less quality.

The more the light a camera can capture the more the information it can collect /record,thus resulting in better pics.
HTC tried to offer larger pixels in the new sensor that can capture 300% more light.The 1/3` sensor size on the HTC one is equivalent to the sensor found on other 8MP or 13MP cameras.
The 2.0 micrometer UltraPixel has effectively twice the surface area of the typical 1.4 micrometer pixel found on 8MP solutions from leading competitors and far larger than 1.1 micrometer pixel on 13MP sensors.

Aperture is the Width that a camera lens opens when a picture gets taken.

Some pixel size comparison  :-
HTC ONE Camera Specs :-
For more detailed Information please refer to
pics taken from HTC .

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