Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to hard/factory reset an Android phone

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Android's recovery mode help the user to troubleshoot his/her device .
It can be used to wipe your all data and restore your device to its factory state.
your device is full of your important data make sure its backed up. This includes your Google Authenticator credentials,which will be lost .
It can be done in two ways or depending on your situation:-

  • If you can boot 
  • If you can't boot.
If You Cant Boot

Safe mode can't be used when your device unable to boot here comes the recovery mode into play.
android can be made to boot in recovery mode with use of several combinations .this varies from device to device .
some Examples:-
--> Samsung devices:Volume up+Home+Power button
-->Nexus devices:Volume up+Volume down+Power button
-->Devices with camera dedicated buttons :Volume up+Camera button
If your device isn't listed here and none of the above methods work do Google search or look into devices user manual.
Release buttons when the device powered on.You'll see an image of an Android lying on its back with its chest open and its internals revealed.
on the very next screen you'll see many options blue in color .now your touch won't work . volume Up and Down keys are used to navigate and Power button to Select.
Now to hard reset your Phone follow these steps :-
  1. Select Wipe data/factory reset with the volume keys and tap the power button to activate it.

  2. Select Yes-erase all user data with volume buttons and tap power.
 Your Device will be reset to its factory state.

Now if You can Boot 
Hard reset/format can be performed using the option in setting .To do this steps are as follows:-
                  Settings>>backup and reset>>Factory Data reset.

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