Sunday, January 19, 2014

How To Know Any Website's Ranking

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Gathering some information from some website, but not sure if it's reliable or not? Then I have a solution for you. Now you can easily know the ranking, popularity, content and other details of any website for free. Continue Reading ahead to know how...

"Facebook still lacking behind Google in global rankings" ; " India's 18 websites in Global Top 100" , these are few newspapers headlines we come across and usually think "Who assigns and monitors these ranks?"' So, here's an answer to it. 

Alexa is the website the whole world accepts to assign and maintain global rankings of all registered wesites worldwide. It has its own crawlers and database to analyze and optimize the rankings periodically and perfectly. The ranks depend upon the visitors, update frequency, quality and few other factors.   

How to know a website's Rank:- 

  • Just go to, enter the website URL and hit Enter. 

More: You can also know the websites-ranking list in decreasing order according to aspects like "Global" "By Country" or "By Category" . Also, you can install the Alexa toolbar on your browser for easy look-up on any website's statistics. 
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