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Know The Cyber-Rulers : An Introduction On The Founders Of Popular Websites

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Almost everyday we access websites like Facebook,Twitter,Wikipedia,You Tube etc.. But do we actually know who founded them? 
[Yes! Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is a guy we know quite-well .. What about others?] 

Let's have a look...

1. Daddy Of Wiki :-

Well, who doesn't browse Wikipedia, the favourite source of facts and information?  Have you ever wondered who is the great genius behind it? 

Jimmy Wales, or as his friends call him "Jimbo" , is an American Entrepreneur who began the world's biggest non-profit source of all kinds of information , Wikipedia.  Awarded with the title "Web Celeb" by Forbes, he founded Wikipedia with Larry Sanger on 15th   January 2001. Wikipedia showcases more than 22 Million articles in 285 languages attracting almost 500 million visitors every month. He is currently running the profit-based web-hosting company, Wikia
{Yeah, I used Wikipedia for this post too!!!}

2. The Google Geeks :-

Do I need to introduce? 

Larry Page  & Sergey Brin are the guys who sowed the seeds of the search engine "Google" in a garage taken on rent in the year 1998. They met each-other initially in 1993 at Stanford University of US while doing their PhD in Computer-Science.It became the most-popular search engine in just 2 years of launching. Google was started with a mere investment of 1700 US $ , and today, it is the company of more than 200 billion US $ . It is operated by more than 20,000 workers in all parts of the world. Edging down the new competitors , Google still holds the record of the Most-popular search engine. 

3. The Blogger Buddy & The Twitter Trendsetter :-

Connecting fans with their role-models, celebrities and friends, Twitter & Blogger have really been very influencing in our lifestyles. 

Evan Williams, the past CEO of Pyra Labs, introduced a new service "Blogger" in 1999. Initially, it wasn't a success until Google bought it in February 2003. Today, Blogger has become the best platform to share your knowledge and thoughts. 

"Twiiter" was born in April 2007, with William as the co-founder. In October 2008, William became the CEO of Twitter, displacing Jack Dorsey. 
By February 2009, ranked Twitter the third most-used social network based on their count of 6 million unique monthly visitors and 55 million monthly visits. Presently, Twitter is one of the most popular and admired social networking sites, attracting millions of users everyday from all around the world.

4. The YouTube Maker :-

Wanna see a movie, its trailer, music videos? A chemical experiment, A t.v. show, or any happenings in our universe? You-Tube has it all...

YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who were all early employees of PayPal.  Chad, along with Steve founded YouTube in 2005, about the foundation of which, there are many rumours. On October 16 2006, Chad sold YouTube to Google, from where the success of YouTube rose to great heights.

5. The Face Behind Facebook :-

Yeah, I know I need not introduce Facebook, nor Mark Zuckerberg. We all know him just like our friendly neighbour. 

February 2004 saw the birth of Facebook, a website made just to share photos, jokes and messages amongst a small group of friends. Facebook was initially limited just to a group of friends, then the students of Harvard, then all the colleges of the Boston area, and finally, to the world. The social networking giant is extending itself in various fields, acquiring Instagram, Lightbox. Facebook is expanding its presence in smartphones' apps market too. Ready to acquire India's Little Eye Labs, the deal is still in the pipeline.     

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